Campaigns & Initiatives

Focused Activities of Sannihita

  • Sannihita Worked on issues of women’s Rights, Poverty, Homelessness, Street children, Housing Rights, violence against women and girl children, Gender Equality, and Street vendors.
  • We started homes in the year 2009 -10

Sannihita is been running 3 girl children homes in Secunderabad area.

  • Sannihita is been running boys home from the year 2012

Vulnerability Criteria.

  • Children without both parents
  • Children without  single parent ( mother or Father)
  • Children without any care or guardian
  • Children with parents  but homeless.
  • Children with parents but abused
  • Children never enrolled
  • Children domestic worked
  • Children with abusive parents, guardians
  • Children begging
  • Children from rag picking, homeless
  • Children from families migrated, and lives on daily wages, un assured, insufficient income.
  • Objective  of  our  homes.
  • Give the children care and protection.
  • Education and health
  • Raise them as responsible citizens with self respect, socially responsible. (gender conscious, secular, democratic, justice, and humane)

Note : After our expertise of running homes we have come to an understanding is that we have to give quality life to the children as equal to as a lower middle class family child with basic amenities, and all other needs that of a privileged kids going to schools.
The minimum cost then comes to a child is Rs.45000 (Rupees forty five thousands  to Rs. 50000 (Rs.Fifty Thousands per annum)

Campaigns and Initiatives

In the context of 16 days of activism March 8th women's day celebration, from Sannihita and with the network.
A.P federation on Violence against women and girl children
In 2003-04 we have initiated a network to address the issue of violence against women and girls. In this work we have conducted planning meetings, and played a convener role in organizing programs. Worked with many organizations in the process of networking on rights basedissues.

2. Campaigns on Gender justice
In 2005 From this network conducted meetings indifferent slums, and worked with the network of Andhra Pradesh coalition on gender justice in which Sannihita played an important role. Sannihita is been the secretariat in 2006 and 2007 and conducted, organized, meetings, and workshops and coordinated the campaign. The impact of this work is that many organizations give priority to conduct the campaign of 16 days of activism, to address issues of violence on women and girl children and contributed towards perspective building of defining gender equality and gender justice, while addressing the issues of masculinity and attitude, and engaging men in the process to identify themselves and their role as subjective and unfolding the issues of objectives of gender discrimination. In the process, conducted facilitated meetings, rallies, workshops and public meetings on gender justice. Build the concept and prepared material. Raised money for the campaign from local supporting groups. Concentrated on issues of single women, sexual harassment at work place, domestic violence, child marriage, disability, dalit women, minority women and gender equality.

3. Campaign to better implementation of the DV ACT
As aservice provider, and as a member of the group we are trying to play a role of advocacy to implement the act and identify the gaps. Started in the month of January, 2008 and worked with one case.

4. Research, Advocacy - Housing rights of women, and legal rights.
On issues related women's rights, development, shelter, and empowerment with gender perspective.

  • Conducted study, research on women’s shelter and housing issues and advocacy in women's point when its to do with shelter, housing and property right is concerned.
  • Initiate, coordinate, participate in study, analysis, in ‘development’ issues, poverty, health, micro finance, homeless, street children, migration issues, and SHGs women, and organizations that are working on these issues.
  • Fact finding on slums that are not registered, survey of the beneficiaries, identify needy and submit to the collector.
  • Survey, study and analysis on beggary as the issue
  • 5. Training, awareness workshops and meetings on

  • Health, gender, vocational issues
  • Awareness on aids to women in trafficking
  • Livelihood issues
  • Domestic violence act
  • Child marriage act
  • 6. Promotion of education

  • Poor children, focusing girl children
  • In 2006 we have run 5 NRBC schools. We have conducted rallies against child labor.
  • 7. Counseling and legal aid centers

  • Counseling families on domestic violence issues – we have settled many cases
  • Documentation of cases of victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence and dowry harassment