Research of Sannihita

India is a democratic sovereign country. The policies and programs should focus on poor peoples welfare as well as marginalized, dalit and minority communities, sections, as tribal –women, and children, disabled, diseased etc.

This perspective sustains identity of Sannihita and gives lot of inspiration to work on Housing related issues, Income generating, and training issues, land use pattern, rehabilitation policies, for women headed households. Single, deserted, women, especially young women are often exploited by neighbors, families, and officials in the issue of land, property, shelter, and housing. There is a need to study these issues with more analytical approach build strategies to avoid alienation of resources.

As part of this program sannihita as a resource and research center with a consultative status have conducted study on women’s shelter issues, urban housing rights, poverty, reproductive health, migrant women, displacement, and on beggary.

Further, to fathom out reasons for a particular phenomenon or incident, and also facilitate comprehensive understanding on specific issue of probe, regular research activities and Case studies have also been attempted and documented for further action.

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