Sannihita Girls Home :: Maklodguda - Sneha Ghar &
Sannihita Boys Home – Sneha Ghar :: boys home in Bollarum

Strength of the Girls home is – 25. Age group 6 to 12. Average living in the home per day will be around 20. Studying from 1st to 5th class.

Address.  Govt Primary School. Maclodguda. Nallagutta, Near Pochamma Temple. Nala of Raniganj.( Ref address Parklane home of Sannihita).

Need to raise mobilization for all for everything. For. Ex., Salaries, food for children and team, travel exp. Provisions, Milk, Eggs, Chicken, Snacks, Fruits, stationary, cosmetics, bedding, clothing, seasonal clothing, shoe, bags, and health needs.. admn., expenses. Entertainment issues.

  • Strength of the Boys home is 115. Average strength will be 95-100 children. Age group 12 to 18. Classess 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th.
  • We started this home in 2012. Govt supported from 2012 to 2014. This year we have no support for this children But children came back to the home for support and join the home. Looking and appealing for rice to the govt. Salaries too. Admn expenses.
  • Several appeals were given to the Collector and other officials for financial support for these children. Advocacy is in the process.
  • We have to buy water also to this home in general more in summer. Several appeals have been given to officials RVM, SSA, Collector, Education Ministry, cantonment board for Toilets and washrooms, and water as part of Swacha Telangana.
  • Address of this home. Near Bolarum St.Anns School. Trishul Park, Adjacent to Bolarum, Police Station.  Secunderabad.

Our Partners for these homes:

BalyaMitra Network, have a state office of Rainbow foundation of India for two girls homes at Parklane and Tukaramgate. The budget is proposed and raised, and reviewed every year.
  • The training support from various organisations, individuals, volunteers, NGOs, and Corporate Social Responsible foundations, also making the journey of the noble cause a success.
  • The state govt Schools give shelter to these children as all our homes are in the Govt school premises.
  • Civil society is playing an important role in raising the children.
  • What we do and give for the children of our homes.
  • Shelter:

    The children are provided to stay and give a flexible, free, creative space in the shelter.
    • Food: We provide breakfast, Lunch, snacks and dinner.
    • We give bedding and clothing to the children
    • We educational materil
    • Health care
    • Activities
    • Sports
    • Outings
    • Seasonal material
    • Allow them to learn with a democratic space